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sometimes all u can say is “yikes” and just move tf on lol

every porn ever
guy: *touches girl on the arm*

Uncanny X-Men
Open RP:

hey guys whats up?

Mods are asleep



post your most incomprehensible christian cartoons


at work: ***flawless (feat. chimamanda ngozi adichie)

when i’m going out: ***flawless (feat. nicki minaj)


ok ok im NOT a furry, but lets say i was, hypothetically,

drag ha

Anonymous: Why the fuck did you out Max on Twitter? People saw that that don't know he's trans, but it's not like you asked his permission to post that, right? Fucking dick.



he had already been publicly out as trans for MONTHSSSSSSS when i posted that tweet look at the date i posted it

Um I’m not out on Twitter? U posted things without my consent multiple times like my tbt picture of me when I was young you also told your best friends who I met that I was trans you didn’t even ask me if doing so was ok and you told me your friend called me the t slur before yet I still met him I didnt EVER once give you permission to speak about me being trans and now that I finally grew up and got the courage to tell you that I didn’t ever like it you’re going to play the card that I was publicly out? I’m out on one social media site!!!!! Shut the hell up!!!!!



some of you will believe anything you read on the internet without questioning it n it’s so pathetic

are you saying that we’re not supposed to believe an abuse victim coming out with their story of you invalidating their experiences? are we also not supposed to believe a trans boy when he’s calling you transphobic? I’m guessing we’re also not supposed to believe that you were serious when asking for the link to nudes that weren’t consensually posted. good to know!