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"Hyper Orchid," photographed by Amanda Camenisch for Vision China May 2014


if I ever get my own country i’m making the official anthem Rihanna’s rude boy and every time it plays everybody has to stop whatever they’re doing and drop it low 


“In the fifth grade I was arrested from school and suspended for a week cause I made blueprints and plans and went through the classrooms stealing all the Goosebumps books. I was successful with three classrooms. The way I did it, every week I came home with a certain amount. I had numbers one through 73. Then I fucking got caught. And I was a little smartass, so I was like, What a coincidence! A black youth getting arrested for wanting to read. So I made a list of everyone I thought snitched on me, who I was going to kill and torture.” — Tyler, The Creator.

one time my friend was here and she wanted to hold sebastian and so i let her. this is the first thing he did. where is he going? no one will ever know…..